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  Press Releases | July 14, 2006 - COOLAUDIO: Extraordinary Value with Semiconductors & Services for the Audio Industry.
june 09 2012   V1401 and V1402 are Now Shipping
The CoolAudio V1401 encodes four stereo pairs of digital audio (8 channels, both left and right justified 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24-bit data formats are supported) and four IO data bits, producing a single data stream suitable for transmission according to the industry-standard ADAT Optical protocol. It is applied in digital mixing boards, signal processors and sound reinforcement products, etc.

The CoolAudio V1402 decodes a single data stream of the industry-standard ADAT Optical protocol and produces four ADC formats
stereo pairs (8 channels) of digital audio suitable for DACs or further processing. With an internal PLL to generate all needed clock signals, the V1402 requires no external clocks in Master Mode, and only word clock (Fs) for proper operation in Slave Mode. The V1402 could be applied in digital mixing boards, signal processors and sound reinforcement products, etc.

june 09 2012   VTL5C3 is Now Shipping
The CoolAudio VTL5C3 is a high-quality and affordable Opto Coupler and Isolator. It is made to exactly the same specs as the original Vactrol VTL5C3.
Dec. 12, 2012   V2162 is Now Shipping
The V2162 is a new dual VCA and contains two high-performance voltage-controlled amplifiers. With two opposing-polarity, voltage-sensitive control ports, they offer wide-range exponential control of gain and high attenuation with low signal distortion. Both high-performance VCA's are factory-trimmed to deliver low distortion as well as control-voltage feed-through without further adjustment. The unit represents a highly compact and cost-effective solution.
Aug. 10, 2010   V2181 is Now Shipping
The V2181L is a brand new VCA with vastly improved specifications and replaces the previous V2159L. The V2181 is a state-of-the-art voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) offering high-performance current-in/current-out technology including two opposing-polarity, voltage-sensitive control ports. The V2181 VCA combines many advantages such as ultra-low noise, ultra-low distortion, low offset and high gain-bandwidth. It requires few external support circuitry and is housed in a space-efficient 8-pin single-in-line (SIP) package.
Jul. 8, 2009   Check out the branded semicons COOLAUDIO is now offering at fantastically low prices.
Click here for price list 1 and
price list 2.
Price list 2 contains surplus stock at even better and negotiable prices. Please contact us for any questions you have.
Apr. 25, 2008   V4220 is Now Shipping
V4220 is a high-performance 24-bit audio codec providing stereo AD and DA converters using the latest conversion technology. It operates from a single +5 V power supply and features very low power consumption and selectable de-emphasis filter for 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates. Applications include digital effect processors, stomp boxes, etc. It perfectly complements the V1000 DSP and provides an ultra-low cost FX solution. See complete application note of V1000.
Apr. 4, 2008   V1000M Effects Chip Now Offered at Super-Low Price!
Due to the immense success and high volume of the V1000M, we have been able to lower the price dramatically. The embedded multi-fx processor chip is now used by many famous customers in the professional audio industry and is available in large quantities ex stock. We offer the absolute lowest prices in the whole industry. Click here to view the new prices. Only available together with V4220M.
Feb. 21, 2008   V3208D is Now Shipping
The V3208D chip is now ready for shipment. It is a 2048-stage low voltage operation (VDD = 5V) BBD that provides a signal delay of up to 102.4ms at clock frequency 10KHz. It is suitable for use as reverberation effect of audio equipments such as portable stereo and radio cassette recorders which need low voltage and long delay time since S/N is 71dB in spite of many stages.
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  NEW Semiconductor Supply
COOLAUDIO now supplies a wide range of semi-
conductors at very competitive prices. Click here
for price list 1 and price list 2. We offer original manufacturer components which are factory sealed.
  RoHS Conversion Service
COOLAUDIO is able to convert your leaded semiconductors into ROHS compliant components. This is done through a complex chemical process and is supported with official certificates.
  Analog Solutions
COOLAUDIO's line of analog semicons includes world-class voltage controlled amplifiers (VCA's), high-performance, ultra-low noise transistors and more.
  Digital Solutions
COOLAUDIO provides digital and mixed-signal audio products including single-chip multi-effects DSP, high-performance Codec, etc. Watch out for more products to come soon.
  Foundry and OEM Service
COOLAUDIO offers high performance analog and mixed signal IPs to enable you to develop your own products in a timely manner and with low cost. Contact us for your requests.
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