Low-Cost 4-Pole Voltage-Controlled Filter

Functionally compatible to SSM2044*

V2044A is a low cost 4-pole voltage controlled filter, allowing rich tonal features that display the best attributes of subtraction synthesis. This is one of the best-sounding analog synthetic filter integrated circuits ever produced.

V2044A has many characteristics, such as at least 10,000 to 1 sweep range, on-chip control of resonance, differential input, high control suppression, minimization of external components and retaining excellent acoustic characteristics. At the same time, V2044A has made many improvements, for example, running on power supply as low as +/-4 V, reducing noise, significantly better controlling feedthrough, and more consistent unit-to-unit performance of the resonance control. In order to facilitate the layout of printed circuit boards, pin connections have been modified.

Price US$ per piece
Model Package 1 - 99 pcs 100 - 999 pcs > 1,000 pcs
V2044A SOP-16 4.90 1.40 1.10